Biped Robot for Arena

Undergoing countless adjustments. Enduring intense metal-clashing fights. Winning countless battles and earning deafening cheers. After 5 years of trial by fire, we present you with Super Anthony!


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per Servo Punch Force

Super Anthony is equipped with 15 patented, steel-geared IQ4516HV servomotors, delivering overpowering torque to every part of his body.




Efficient Performance

His servomotors are engineered for high voltage and a low current, extending its lifespan and performance.

Ultra Wear-Resistant

His steel gears can endure high torque, further guaranteeing him a long life.

Precision Motion

His integrated output shaft boosts accuracy without needing to return to zero position.

Easy Maintenance

His modular panel and pluggable RCA connector sets make repairs simple.


Anodized aluminum body, makes him strong and durable.

​Robot is build with with 15 motors

The humanoid robot is composed of 15 servo motors, and all torques are accurately transmitted to each component which allows it's moment to be smooth and flexible.

Edit your own

The motion editor allows you to write your own "Special skills." 


Built-in Bluetooth connection module

Provide smart phone app language development module, that is used for the mobile phone built-in function through Bluetooth connection which can control robot to make corresponding actions.

App Inventor

Image recognition

Position recognition

Voice Control


Join Global RFL Robot Fighting League

Participate in various competitions organized by the RFL Robot Fighting League and regularly exchange programming and modification ideas with people who had the same interest.